In 2008, the Science Council launched Future Morph to encourage young people to pursue careers in science and mathematics. So when they needed a new web site specifically geared towards the interests of the target audience, they came to iWeb.

The new Future Morph web site was built using the iWeb Control platform. It’s a highly optimised Content Management System based on the highly popular WordPress open source platform that’s already being used by over 72 million web sites throughout the world. It features a clean and uncomplicated interface that’s friendly even to a web novice. This means people with little to no web design experience can easily keep the site constantly updated. At iWeb, our skilled eCommerce web design team put the basic structure in place and then the content can be altered in any way the web site owner wishes.


To keep young people interested, the new web site features interactive games, videos, competitions and polls. These help engage an audience with a notoriously short attention span and can be regularly updated by the site owners. It also points them towards links and resources that will further guide them down the path of scientific learning. Additionally, the site’s search facility is provided by SOLR – a powerful open source search platform.

The new Future Morph web site is a great example of the capabilities of iWeb Control. It’s also a testament to the abilities of our experienced web site designers to cater to a very specific audience. We could work wonders for your project too – so why not get in touch with iWeb for a free consultation?