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iWeb provides the perfect design to fits a T-shirt business

Balcony Shirts owe their success to Pete Doherty – which is not a phrase you often hear. From one popular T-shirt idea based on the wayward ex-Libertine in 2003, they’ve grown a business selling all manner of apparel displaying ironic and inspired designs. They’ve made an equally inspired choice by choosing iWeb for their new eCommerce web site design.

The site has been designed using the versatile Magento platform so that their eye-catching slogans leap off the page. Owned by eBay, Magento has been designed as a response to the emerging needs of today’s online merchants.  As it is open source, most of the expensive web development process has already been carried out by a huge global network of developers – which means lower costs to our clients.

The new Balcony Shirts eCommerce web site allows users to select a design or slogan they like and then choose from an array of other clothing items that also carry that design – all displayed on the same page. Then a single page checkout with persistent cart makes paying for their choice a piece of cake.

As Balcony Shirts are known for their wit and irreverence, a regular blog is a no-brainer. So iWeb has built in one based on the highly popular WordPress platform so that visitors can be informed of news and the latest designs.

Thanks to iWeb, the Balcony Shirts eCommerce business is growing faster than Mr. Doherty’s police record. If you’d want to know how our inspired designs can work wonders for your project too, why not get in touch?

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