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iWeb puts Irish home entertainment giant into fast forward mode

In Ireland, Xtra-vision is an iconic retailer specialising mainly in the renting and selling of films and games. It’s hugely popular brand and they needed a web site that could cope with around 200,000 unique visitors a month from all over the Emerald Isle. So they came to iWeb and our own stars of the small screen provided a custom Magento solution.

As Magento is an open source platform, our skilled team was able to build an eCommerce web site that was more than capable of meeting the unique demands of Xtra-vision’s business. The company has 161 physical retail stores across both Northern and the Republic of Ireland. However, the web site needed to cater to both ends of the country – which have different currencies as well as other logistical issues.

The solution provided by iWeb made extensive use of the Magento multi-store function. Magento enables multiple browse-able Store Views. These work as a front end serving different audiences, but use the same stock inventory – think of them as the shop front and the catalogue as the warehouse at the back. The attractive front design can be changed according to the needs and wishes of whoever is browsing, but the back end/catalogue remains the same. So it’s possible to switch between languages and currencies without affecting the core information – in this case, what’s available for sale or rental.

The new Xtra-Vision web site also enables back office integration with West 10 Entertainment, which offers information-rich data on all new home entertainment releases. So Xtra-Vision’s customers can be kept up to date with the hot new releases too. They can even see what’s in stock when they’re out and about too as the new Magento eCommerce web site has been fully optimised for mobile and tablet browsing.

Now Xtra-vision has plans to extend their offering into other related areas. Thanks to iWeb, it has a flexible eCommerce web site that can be adjusted to accommodate the changing needs of the home entertainment business. So if you want your online marketplace project to be a big hit too, why not give us a call?

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