Magento Imagine Awards 2019 Finalist

Unconventional classical music outfit inspires classic web design.

Graffiti Classics are a string quartet that’s anything but traditional. They perform classical music with mischievous wit to appreciative audiences all over the world. Their hilarious mixture of comedy and music is in hot demand and they wanted a web site that was something special too. So we employed the iWeb Control platform to give Graffiti Classics the freedom to improvise.

iWeb Control allows access to the essentials, without requiring too much technical knowledge – allowing users to be more hands-on with their web site. It’s based on the highly popular WordPress – a trusted open source platform that’s already being used by over 72 million web sites throughout the world. The skilled iWeb design team puts the basic structure in place and then the content can be managed by Graffiti Classics. Then they only need come back to us for major changes to the design.

To give visitors a colourful preview of the Graffiti Classics show, the web site uses the latest full screen HTML5 video technology. The site is also fully optimised for smart phones and tablets – essential as web browsing becomes more mobile.

Graffiti Classics can regularly update the site with pictures, events calendar and blogs – keeping it fresh and search engine-friendly. There are also links to all the most popular social media platforms, such as Facebook and Twitter.

The quartet is developing quite a fanbase by making classical music accessible to audiences of all ages. So iWeb built in a quick and easy Paypal checkout facility where their fans can buy CDs and branded merchandise.

We think the iWeb design team put in a unique performance when developing the Graffiti Classics web site – just like the quartet itself. If you’d like to know how iWeb Control allow you to be the conductor of your own web site too, get in touch today.

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