Magento Imagine Awards 2019 Finalist

Helping Customers’ Profits Rocket in 2012

The UK economy may have more dips than Sainsbury’s delicatessen, but it’s been a fantastic year for iWeb. In the world of e-commerce, business is booming – with our clients seeing significant growth and iWeb development expertise playing a huge role.

As the Magento eCommerce web site specialists, we’ve designed and launched a record number of online stores in 2012 for a wide variety of businesses in many sectors. Owned by eBay, the Magento platform has been built as a response to the emerging needs of today’s online merchants. As it is open source, most of the expensive web development process has already been carried out by a huge global network of developers – which means we can pass on that time saving in lower costs to our clients.

Not only that, we’ve taken the hugely popular Magento hosting platform and optimised it so that our customers get speed increases of up to 400% – exclusive to iWeb. Visitors to eCommerce web sites designed by our skilled team discover a smooth and more enjoyable online shopping experience – resulting in more conversions to sales. So not only is a Magento web site initially more affordable, you’ll see a rapid return on your investment too.

At iWeb, we judge our own success by that of our customers- so we’re proud of our achievements in 2012. We’re always looking forward – so we’d like your online business to be one of our success stories for the coming year.

With iWeb experience and unrivalled Magento expertise on your side, 13 could prove to be a very lucky number for you.

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