The Alexa 1 Million is a list compiled by the Amazon-owned company of the most popular web sites throughout the world. Web developer, Tom Robertshaw has conducted a survey of the platforms that each eCommerce site in the list uses – and Magento proved to be way out in front.

In a total of 35,218 eCommerce web sites included in the survey, almost a quarter (8,087) had favoured Magento above all other platforms available – making it the world’s most popular eCommerce choice. That’s also means 20% more web developers have opted for it since February 2012.

To put this into perspective, Magento’s nearest competitor could only manage a 12% share. You can read more about the survey at

Magento’s success is due to the fact that experienced developers like iWeb know it offers so much more functionality and so many features straight ‘out of the box’ – which allows us to offer a faster turnaround to clients. A community of programmers has developed Magento – making it a true open-source application. This means that most of the nuts and bolts programming for the platform has already been taken care of – and we can pass that cost saving on to our clients.

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