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Magento proves to be the natural choice for Wildcare

Wildcare offer specialised products for the wildlife and ecology industry – helping to make our environment a better place for both humans and animals. When they needed a new eCommerce web site that wouldn’t cost the Earth, they trusted to the experienced team at iWeb.

Wildcare Magento E-Commerce Store

Where cost is a consideration, the No.1 platform to choose is always going to be Magento. As it’s designed to be open source, the majority of potentially expensive development work has already been carried out by an extensive global community. That means there is already a vast choice of options and plug-ins to choose from – allowing for full customisation of any eCommerce web site. It also means that iWeb can pass the cost saving in development time on to our customers.

The new Wildcare web site takes advantage of Magento’s multi-site capability – allowing the creation of multiple websites with unique domain names that share the same product catalogue. This is particularly useful for expanding into other territories that speak a different language.

As Wildcare’s product range is so specialist, iWeb has also included product demonstration videos so that customers can be sure of what they’re buying. Full integration and secure transactions through Paypal and Sagepay make paying for it simple and safe too.

To keep visitors to the Wildcare web site updated with the latest news and stories on ecological matters, iWeb has also included a blog facility based on the hugely popular WordPress web based platform. This allows site owners to easily update editorial content and video links – with the added benefit of making the web site more attractive to search engines.

With the new Wildcare eCommerce web site, iWeb has demonstrated that ecology and economy can work hand in hand. If you’d like to know how our talented team can do the world of good for your business too, why not get in touch?

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