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Motorsport specialists in pole position, thanks to iWeb

When online motorsport specialists needed a web site tailor made for their business, iWeb roared into action. For almost a decade, the company has been promoting motorsport news and events to competitors and enthusiasts alike – as well as selling a range of related clothing, boots and accessories. The challenge for iWeb was to seamlessly integrate the news and information content with their eCommerce activities.

For the online shopping element of the site, iWeb chose the popular Magento eCommerce platform. It’s open source, so most of the expensive web development process has already been carried out by a huge global network of developers. That means iWeb can pass on that cost saving to our clients.

As a worldwide partner for the Adidas Motorsport brand, develop and manufacture the clothing, boots and accessories themselves. It was important that potential customers had the ability to view the items in detail – so we included an image zoom among the browsing options. The site search is completely filterable – allowing users to find exactly what they’re looking for. Checkout is also easy and uncomplicated to encourage sales.




The information element of the site is based on the WordPress platform to allow to easily maintain editorial content with minimal web skills. This allows them to publish the latest news and view in the world of motorsport with featured articles, event listings and results from motorsport events around the world.


Thanks to iWeb’s unrivalled web design expertise, the business is now operating at full throttle. If you’d like our experienced team to give your project the edge too, why not give us a call?

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