With 20 years of experience, Simoney Badges are one of the UK’s leading suppliers of badges, personalised gifts, lanyards, stickers, and other promotional items. Its customers range from Fortune 500 companies to individuals. So when they needed a new eCommerce web site design to take the business forward, it was clearly a job with iWeb’s name on it.

The company has a large product range that can be used for fun, corporate, educational or commercial purposes. It was important that that breadth be conveyed, as well as making the right choice easy to find. So iWeb based the new Simoney Badges web site on the market-leading Magento eCommerce platform. It’s already being used for thousands of eCommerce web sites all over the world and remains the most popular option by far. As it’s an open source platform, it’s free and requires no additional licence – that means lower development costs for our clients.

The new Simoney Badges web site makes extensive use of Magento’s tier pricing facility. It’s a promotional tool that allows items to be priced differently for higher quantities.  This is an effective way to move more merchandise – especially when customers will be buying in bulk. Payment is also simple and secure with full Sagepay integration – one of the UK’s safest payment gateways providers.

To help Simoney Badges keep their customers up to date with the latest news and events, iWeb also included a blog facility based on the highly popular and user-friendly WordPress platform. This allows for the site to be easily and regularly updated with fresh content – thus making it more attractive to search engines.

Thanks to iWeb’s skilled design team, Simoney Badges’ already successful business is now performing even better online. So if you’d like more people to know your name too, why not get in touch?