Magento’s blend of ‘off-the-shelf’ accessibility and tailor-made customisation is a potent combination. So when storage solutions company, Shop4Shelves came to iWeb for their new web site design, the affordable, open source eCommerce platform was a natural choice.

Shop4Shelves is one of the UK’s leading online suppliers of shelving, racking, lockers and related storage solutions, selling its products directly to businesses and consumers. With such a wide and varied product range, a challenge for the iWeb team was to offer a means of making the site easy to browse – enabling customers to find the exact product they need. One of our solutions was using the Grouped Configurable Products facility. Shop4Shelves have products of many different sizes, colours and other variables. Grouped options allows for products to be grouped and displayed with configurable custom options. So customers can select shelving in their desired Size, colour, style, material, etc. – all from the same page. It all makes for a more enjoyable shopping experience and, of course, leads to more sales conversions.

Other useful features we added to the Shop4Shelves eCommerce web site include a postcode finder, so that customers can automatically fill in delivery address details and we have also included the ProNav Mega Dropdown. This menu system provides the ability to dynamically pull in categories from Shop4Shelves product catalogue and output them within a drop down menu. Featured products, promotional imagery, forms,  and even video can all be displayed within the menu itself.

Shop4Shelves are delighted with their new tailor-made web site. The iWeb team of web design experts can work wonders for your online business too. So why not get in touch and see what the future might have in store for you?