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The Ox brand of top quality tools and machinery originated in Australia in 1974 and established an unrivalled reputation for toughness and reliability. Since then, the brand has been launched in other territories too – including the UK last year. To help strengthen their online presence, the company came to iWeb to take advantage of our expertise in designing eCommerce web sites.


The challenge for iWeb was to develop web sites for various countries – each with varying catalogues of Ox Tools. These included Canada, New Zealand and the USA, as well as non-English speaking countries like France, the Netherlands, Spain and Sweden.

To achieve this, we chose Magento – easily the most popular eCommerce platform in the world today. Because it’s open source, all the expensive development time has already been carried out by a dedicated global community. This means that it’s not only more affordable for our clients, but highly customisable too.

One of the key Magento features used was its international multi-store. This allows for management of multiple websites and stores within one installation – extremely useful when dealing with various territories that have different catalogues in other languages. All sites are also hosted on a global Content Delivery Network (CDN) of multiple servers. This means that rather than being slowed down by having to access the UK site alone, users are instead directed to a server closer to their own location. This speeds up data transfer and makes everything run much more smoothly.

Other useful global features which will soon be implemented are a dealer locator so that visitors can find their nearest stockist, no matter where they are in the world. An advanced Solr search facility also allows users to find the appropriate item in their local Ox tools catalogue with specific criteria – including plurals (trowels, shovels, etc.).

The new Ox Tools eCommerce web site is a major project for iWeb for a brand set to really make its mark. Thanks to our expertise, they’ve been able to successfully expand into the online marketplace and reach customers around the world. If you’d like our experienced team to do the same for your project, why not get in touch?

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