We’ve all been there. You’re interested in buying an item online and are all ready to complete the transaction. Then the site demands that you register and fill in a tedious form. Not surprisingly, many impatient, potential customers click away at that point and your eCommerce web site has lost a sale. You do need their details, so what’s the solution?

The answer is Magento Facebook Login. With this handy facility Facebook users (and most people are nowadays) can simply allow their account to supply information and skip the form-filling. It can also allow the online seller access to useful data on ‘likes’ and interests.

  • Customers use their Facebook account to sign up – no other information is required.

  • If visitors have already signed into their Facebook account, the sign up process is completed after they enter their username and password.

  • If not, there will be a pop-up to log in to Facebook.

  • After customers sign up via Facebook, you can release a new password for them to use as a separate account for your site.

Speeds up registration

With Magento Facebook Login, it’s possible to access a person’s details with just one click. A web form can pre-populate form fields from Facebook data – like name, birthdate, gender and city to speed up the process.

Fewer problems with forgotten passwords

Customers have a choice: they can try and remember different passwords for umpteen sites or they could compromise their own security by re-using the same few. Logging in with social credentials eliminates the need to recollect which password was used – especially helpful for returning customers.

Helps you meet your market better by analysing profile data

Knowing ‘likes’ and interests can help you tailor your home page content and improve your product range. It’s particularly useful for birthday reminders and gift suggestions. You can also assess whether they’ve liked, reviewed or added a product to a wish list.

Customers supply only the data you need from them

When a customer uses Facebook to populate a form, they can see what information they’re sharing with you. It would be sensible to ask for just the basics at this stage – otherwise it may be seen as a breach of privacy and you can scare them off. Magento Facebook Login requests permission to pull the vital details and you should be upfront about what you’re asking for in order to reassure the more wary. Too much prying can be counter-productive, no matter how tempting.

Ideal for the mobile market

Many customers using mobile to access your eCommerce web site will already be logged in to Facebook automatically. This essential Magento plug-in makes it easier and more appealing for buyers who are out and about.

Magento Facebook Login gets the thumbs up from iWeb

The No.1 turn-off for potential customers keen to complete a sale is needless form filling. Magento Facebook Login eliminates this drawback and can also supply you with priceless customer information into the bargain. What’s not to like? To find out more, talk to our expert Magento team at iWeb.