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Up-sells, Cross-sells & Related Products in Magento E-commerce

At iWeb we have been building Magento eCommerce web sites for the past three years and in this time we have been asked many questions about Magento. When we are speaking to our clients about their projects a question that we often get asked is, What is the difference between up-sells, cross-sells and related products?

We hope this article can clear up any mystery or confusion on the topic of product relations in Magento.

There are three main types of product relations in Magento out of the box, these are: Related Products, Up-sells and Cross-sells. Each of these all do a very similar job but they are subtly different in their intention, to get the prospective purchaser to buy more product, and where they appear on a Magento website. There are also many other up-selling extensions that can be bought and installed, such as Who Bought This Also Bought and Who Viewed This Also Viewed, both by AheadWorks.

Magento eCommerce Related Products

Magento eCommerce related products
When a customer views a product, a set of other Related Products can also be shown. Magento’s related products typically appear on the product detail page of a Magento web site. They are a list of other products that are generally related to the product you would currently be viewing. These products are intended be purchased in addition to the currently viewed product. An example of related products is as follows:

Adding a Related Product

Magento Catalog Menu

To add a related product to your shop, first login to the admin and navigate to Catalog > Manage Products and then select the product you wish to add a related product to. Once you have selected a product, click the Related Products tab from the left hand menu. From here you can search for products that you wish to associate with the current product by searching for the product or, if you click the Reset Filter link, choose from a list of all products. You can then manually select your related products. Once all of the products are selected don’t forget to Save the product. You may need to flush your cache to make sure that it is working on the public part of the website.

Up-sell Products

Again, Magento eCommerce up-sell products typically appear on the product detail page of a Magento web site, except that this time they are a list of products that would be purchased instead of the main product that you are currently be viewing. Here’s an example of some up-sell products:

Adding an Up-sell Product

To add an up-sell product to your Magento eCommerce shop login to the admin area and navigate to Catalog > Manage Products, select the product you wish to add the up-sell to from the product list. Once you are viewing the product click the Up-sells tab from the left menu.
Just like Related Products, select from the list of available products. Click the Reset Filter link to display all products available in the shop. You can also search for the products you wish to use as up-sells, if you would prefer. Once all of the products are selected, do not forget to Save the product. You may need to flush your cache to make sure that it is working.

Cross-sell Products

Cross-sells typically display on the shopping basket page to try and tempt customers to make an impulse purchase. Imagine this as being like a checkout in a supermarket. Cross-sell products are intentionally positioned near to the checkout to force shoppers to look at them before checking out and leaving the shop. The items can be anything in the Magento eCommerce catalogue but smart shop administrators should not waste this space with the higher ticket items, and instead should use the resource to gain the maximum yield out of a customer by showing products that generally sell well in that particular shop, or, clearance items that the shop owner is particularly keen to sell. Some examples of cross sell products are as follows:

Adding a Cross-sell Product

To add a cross-sell product to your shop first login to the admin and select Catalog > Manage Products. Choose the product you want to add your cross-sell to and then click the Cross-sell tab from the left menu. Select the products from the list of available products. If no products are appearing click on the Reset Filter link. You can also search for the products you wish to use as cross sells. Once all products are selected do not forget to Save the product.

Cross-sells are a great way to add value and increase sales to your shop and you get this functionality straight out of the box with the Magento eCommerce platform.

iWeb Auto Related Products

At iWeb we have developed our own in house fall back for related products called Auto Related Products. This extension extends Magento’s out of the box related products. If none are set by the administrator it will automatically pull in a random set of products from a category that the current product belongs to. We find this is a valuable addition to the Magento eCommerce default functionality as it takes away some of the time spent by shop owners manually administrating their related products. This can be lengthy on large catalogues and allows shop admins to concentrate on other product details and running their businesses.

You can download our free extension from the Magento Connect Marketplace.

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