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iWeb proves that language is no barrier to online selling

Designing web sites for foreign markets brings a new set of challenges. Sometimes it’s not as simple as translating the words to suit the region. This proved to be the case when iWeb produced a new eCommerce web site for BinMadi – a leading watch distributor in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. The company is over 40 years old and imports timepieces from Switzerland, as well as Japan and Hong Kong. With an inventory of over 20,000 watches, it acts as wholesaler to other businesses and also sells directly to consumers – so the new web site had to cater to both audiences.

The expert team at iWeb delivered a custom Magento eCommerce solution that presented both business and consumer users with a tailored shopping experience. For the wholesale arm, the emphasis was on bulk buying, with convenient shipping and payment methods to suit a larger quantity order. Meanwhile, the consumer section allows easy selection from BinMadi’s vast choice as well as secure payment from dependable options like Paypal.


A particular challenge for the iWeb designers was in allowing for the fact that Arabic reads right to left. This required a little more thought in the positioning of web design elements and extra care in dealing with unfamiliar type – although the view can be switched to English at any point.

The new BinMadi eCommerce web site demonstrates not just the flexibility of the popular Magento platform, but also the versatility of the iWeb team. After all, on the World Wide Web, you have the potential to sell to the whole, wide world. So if you’d like expert advice on how to expand into the global marketplace, talk to iWeb first.

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