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iWeb charged with major battery project for Halfords

As one of the country’s leading retailers and fitters of car parts and accessories, Halfords is a familiar name. Dealing as they do with so many different manufacturers and makes of car, it can sometimes be a challenge for staff to find the right part for a customer. Often it’s crucial that the part is fully compatible – and that’s certainly the case with car batteries. The task for iWeb was to build an internal web site that would help Halfords employees search for the correct battery for customers, so our designers went into top gear.

We delivered a web site based on the highly popular, open source Magento platform that’s precisely customised towards Halfords’ needs. It’s based around a sophisticated search facility that allows their staff to look up the correct battery simply by entering the car’s registration number. If that’s not available, they can also find it by make and model.

The results show available recommended batteries across a price range – from a basic choice to premium options. Halfords assistants can then take the customer through their options. Choosing a battery graphically flags up important information – like location in the car, whether it’s a ‘stop/start’ battery and whether fitting it will be straightforward. Detailed technical instructions for the specific vehicle are also available and can be printed out.

The iWeb-designed web site has been installed at touch-screen till points in over 400 Halfords stores across UK and Ireland. Thanks to our expertise, staff can safely and reliably locate the correct car battery for thousands of customers. And that’s just one illustration of our capabilities. If you’d like iWeb know-how to power your business too – whether large or small – why not get in touch?

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