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iWeb Magento offers a full palette of customisable options for online paint retailer

Colour & Paint is an innovative, new online paint retailer that specialises in premium paint collections. Its mission is to change the way that paint is chosen tested and bought online. Whilst being full of fresh ideas, their paint is produced by one of the oldest paint manufacturers in the UK in Craig & Rose – a company that’s been around since 1829.

This combination of contemporary thinking and long-established prestige has resulted in a brand new colour testing idea – the iPatch. It’s a sheet of real paint with a low tack backing that can be fixed to various surfaces numerous times and then simply peeled off again. Rather than rely on wasteful, inconvenient tester pots or inaccurate printing, the iPatch allows for easy and reliable colour matching using actual paint that’s completely removable.

iWeb Magento offers a full palette of customisable options for online paint retailer

When Colour and Paint needed an exceptional eCommerce web site to market this innovation – along with their extensive paint collections – they came to iWeb. Our expert team delivered a solution based on a customised version of the world-leading Magento eCommerce platform.

Colour and Paint is home to various sub-brands and each page within the site has been custom designed to complement the stylistic feel of each one. There’s also an embedded video feature to help demonstrate the iPatch concept. Upon choosing a paint shade, customers are given the option of buying either a pot or an iPatch to test the colour in situ. Checkout is a smooth process with secure, encrypted payment through Sagepay and others. Orders and deliveries are also handled directly by paint manufacturers, Craig & Rose through full back office data integration.

The Colour & Paint web site is an example of how Magento – despite being a standard, open source platform – can be fully customised to suit your needs. So rather than settle on a paint-by-numbers solution, talk to the master craftsmen at iWeb first.

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