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Product Videos: Are you showing off your products to their potential?

Lack of attention to detail loses sales. There are several websites that specialise in finding products on auction sites that have been entered by “fat fingers” in a rush. They work on the principle that misspelled products sell for less than those that have been spelled correctly.

Along the same lines, low quality images can put your customers off the products on your website. Some examples of these: low resolution images that make useless “full” images; low quality, over compressed images that look blotchy; rotated, cropped or even non-centered images. These poor images don’t give your products a fair representation against your competition’s.

To give your potential customer a full view of the product, it’s a good idea to include several images which highlight particular key features and selling points. The more images you show to your customers the more confident they will be about your products as they will have that extra information about it. Amazon for example, display several images covering various angles and arrangements of the product on offer, even allowing a very large image to be viewed to show as much as possible.

Unfortunately, there will always be an angle that hasn’t been covered that might be important to someone. When looking at an item in a shop, the customer can pick up the item and view it from any angle they desire (unless it’s something particularly large – like a refrigerator).

A way to get closer to the interaction with your products is to use 360° photography or “rotational imagery”. This is a process where a series of photos are taken of a product while the product is slowly rotated. These images can be displayed quickly in a loop to give the impression of a video, and can be controlled to give an interactive experience. A nice example of this in action for several product types can be found here.

Product videos allow you to give an auditory/visual sales pitch to your potential customer. While you can not currently tailor your video around your customer’s reactions, like a sales assistant might, you can gain many of the advantages:

There are, however, several points to consider when planning your videos:

Image Credit: Camera operator setting up the video camera by jsawkins, on Flickr

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