We recently posted about automatic updates which were introduced in WordPress 3.7. On by default, automatic updates currently only apply to smaller point releases which generally contain bug fixes and security enhancements. WordPress 3.7.1 followed shortly afterwards and served as a good test of the system.

We had no trouble with the update. However, an email notification is sent out following the success or failure. The notification is sent to the site administrator email address specified in WordPress under Settings > General. This may not always be the best destination. You may even wish to disable the email from being sent in the first place.

There are a couple of filters (auto_core_update_email and auto_core_update_send_email) which can be used to change the default behaviour.

Change WordPress auto update email address

Disable WordPress auto update email

Update – 20/02/2014

We’ve written and published a plugin which wraps up one of the code snippets in this post. Check out Background Update Notification Email Address on WordPress.org for a simple, code-free way to redirect WordPress auto update email notifications. Read more about the problem our plugin solves and how we went about releasing a plugin on the WordPress plugin repository.