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Magento flexes its muscles for specialist sportswear seller

If you’ve ever wondered why professional athletes sometimes train in skin-tight outfits, it’s all about muscle compression. They’re wearing a base layer because it greatly reduces the chance of strain and injury and improves muscle recovery time.

Magento Ecommerce is a specialist in this field and provides high quality professional sportswear at prices that are almost as competitive as their customers. When they needed a new eCommerce web site, they chose the team at iWeb for our consistent performance level.


We delivered a solution based on Magento – the leading open source eCommerce platform that’s outstripping all of its competitors. It offers versatility and endless customisation options. And because the expensive development time has already been carried out by developers around the world, iWeb can pass on that cost saving to our clients.

Choosing the correct base layer clothing is at the heart of the new web site. In sports, colour can be very important (after all, you don’t want to be seen in blue if your team is red). So we included a unique colour selector that displays each garment style in the colour of the user’s choice. We also included a filter features that narrows down the options based on price range, size, category, etc. Visitors can quickly find the perfect item for their needs.


When checking out, customers can use all major payment facilities securely – or they can simply shave seconds off their purchase time by choosing to pay with an existing Paypal account. Because who enjoys filling out forms?

The new site demonstrates Magento’s flexibility and precisely why it’s currently so far out in front as an eCommerce platform. If you’d like iWeb to give your online business a competitive edge too, why not get in touch?

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