The Hampshire-based HandMadePlaces is part of the Broxap group of companies and offers high quality, handmade playground equipment for schools and play areas. Having begun trading as just one man in a garage in 2000, it’s now a hugely successful and trusted business dedicated to providing inspiring places for kids to play. Given the nature of the products, the skilled design team at iWeb were called upon to deliver a fun and playful, yet highly functional eCommerce web site.

Just like the playgrounds themselves, the iWeb solution is full of features that keep users engaged. The home page uses fun rollovers that add a fast-moving quality to browsing. And whilst the theme is children, it never loses sight of its main aim to encourage the sale of products and equipment.

The new HandMade Places site has been built using Magento – the world’s most popular, open source eCommerce platform – and makes use of the host of customisable features available. As the typical retail ‘select, order and deliver’ process would be inappropriate for playground equipment, iWeb has included a custom module that allows customers to obtain a quick quote for their project. This means they can browse products with a refined search based on price, size, age range, etc. and then request a quote, rather than there being an online transaction.

We’ve also made use of WordPress to provide an interactive project finder. This allows users to enter their location and then read about other projects that Handmade Places has been involved in nearby. It adds a sense of confidence that they’re dealing with a respected company as well as giving details on projects that may be similar to their own. We’ve also used WordPress to build a team page so that customers can see the friendly faces they’ll be dealing with and even get an idea of their personalities.

With the new HandMade Places web site, the talented iWeb team has demonstrated that it can adapt the Magento eCommerce platform to the particular demands of any online venture. Your own eCommerce project may not be all fun and games, but we’ll do our best to enhance your business too. So why not get in touch?