The family-run Oak Furniture Superstore has been providing quality furniture at affordable prices for over 50 years. Like almost every modern retailer, it has an online store – but it needed refreshing in order to take advantage of the latest eCommerce capabilities. The company wanted to be “giving an in-store experience online”. So they came to iWeb for a state-of-the-art solution that does just that.

Built upon version 1.7 of Magento – the world’s most popular eCommerce platform – the newly re-designed Oak Furniture site makes full use of its latest updates and facilities. To begin with, navigation is much improved. With so many different items of furniture and product variations, it’s now easier for users to narrow down their search criteria. Filters – such as price range, colour and material – enable them to find exactly what they’re looking for. Items are also clearly displayed, with multiple shots from all angles. The products use custom bundles, with friendly chair colour icons and options.

As well as choosing furniture, ordering and delivering has been revamped too. The mistake many eCommerce stores make is to present a point of purchase that’s too complicated. The Oak Furniture site uses a One Step Checkout that allows the customers to complete a quick transaction – therefore improving sales conversions. Once they’ve done so, they have the facility to choose the delivery date they’d like – adding to the impression of ease and flexibility.

On the business side, the web site benefits from the addition of Bright Pearl order management software, which allows easy control over purchasing, inventory and accounting from one application. This simplifies the whole process and enables full back office integration.

Superior eCommerce retail isn’t just about the nuts and bolts – it’s about eye-catching offers too. We’ve added a sense of urgency to online promotions by including a countdown clock indicating when the current deals must end. Again, it all improves sales conversions.

With the Oak Furniture Superstore re-design, iWeb has proved that we can take a site that’s already great and make it even better. That’s why we’ve been part of the furniture in innovative web design for almost two decades. If you’d like us to improve your online business too, why not get in touch?