eCommerce has revolutionised the business world. Entrepreneurs can now launch companies without brick-and-mortar storefronts, major investors, or even physical inventory, the Internet has in many ways democratised entrepreneurship. Yet, while online commerce certainly has many advantages, it also creates a wide range of new obstacles that simply are not relevant to traditional business. Amongst the most glaring of these are the facts of the Internets constant evolution and the swift changes in consumer expectations that go along with it.

To succeed in eCommerce today, companies must understand their customers mind-sets and find ways to distinguish themselves in the vast sea of competitors. To that end, there is a wealth of research into the psychology of online shopping and the trends that drive web-based sales. It shows that even minor changes to aesthetics or site speed can have a tremendous impact on conversion rates and visitor satisfaction. Did you know, for example, that more than 40% of all abandoned carts are the result of hidden charges that show up during checkout? Or that after a mere 3 seconds of loading time, 57% of visitors will click away from a website?

These are the facts that drive business in the digital sphere. So to learn more about how you can best optimise your eCommerce site for sales have a look at this data graphic below courtesy of the vouchercloud coupon site.