Last week myself, Dave, Jaz and Rich attended the Which Test Won – The Live Event 2014 conference, held at the America Square Conference Centre in London.

We were unique in being a development agency to visit the conference, as generally the audience was made up of merchants looking to improve conversion rates on their websites. I wanted us to take the trip, to broaden our knowledge and be able to come away with advice for our clients.

Taking place over two days, there were some fantastic talks that ignited great conversations between us. The results achieved by the various speakers were impressive, and this got us thinking about the impact implementing some of the tools and tests on our own clients websites could have.

Speakers from well known brands included Schuh, Clarks, AVAST software, Expedia, Wikipedia and Norton. Each gave insights into how testing is now key to their organisation, and how sometimes small and subtle changes can have an impressive impact to the bottom line.

Stuart MacMillian from Schuh spoke about their testing methodologies and results, and confirmed that like most online retailers, mobile is becoming the most important channel for them. I was also thoroughly impressed with their attitude towards customer service. They will answer a telephone call within 7 seconds, a tweet within 4 minutes and an email within 90 minutes!

There was even the opportunity to have our very own critiqued by a panel of experts live, it’s refreshing to hear the opinions of people who have never seen the website before. Things you think are obvious and clear to the visitor can be completely overlooked. Test, test, test was the takeaway of the day!


As there was so much to take in, we’ll be breaking some of the topics into separate blogs posts over the coming weeks.

The bottom line is, if you’re a merchant with a healthy number of daily visitors (required to perform reliable a/b test results), then you should be attending this conference in 2015! I know we certainly will be..