Brand Outlet is a successful Magento eCommerce website focusing on sourcing the very best fashion brands on the market at a fraction of the price.

Brand Outlet first came to us in 2013 to build a Magento eCommerce website for their new fashion website. They wanted a clean bespoke web design that would cater for both mens and womens tastes. The site launched in Autumn 2013 with a desktop and mobile version of the website.

After a successful 12 months we decided to meet to review their website to see if there was anything that could be improved or optimised to further increase their conversions. During these meetings we analysed their Google Analytics, noticing a large proportion of traffic was from mobile and tablet devices. We suggested building a responsive website that could adapt to all these different screen resolutions and devices to ensure everyone who visits the websites receives an optimised user experience.

Brand Outlet were convinced this was the way forward. A meeting with designers and developers kicked off the project where we prioritising their content and formed responsive wireframes that adapted to different screens.


Using an upgraded version of their current Magento eCommerce website we started building a responsive version of their website. A mobile first approach was adopted allowing us to create a very lean version of their website for small screen resolutions, such as mobile devices, adding new styles as we increase our screen size. This was our first Magento project that utilised Bootstrap, a popular front-end framework that was originally developed by Twitter. Bootstrap allows us to build mobile first responsive websites with a modular design approach. This allows us to focus on creating the best possible user experience ensuring every page uses styles that are on-brand.

Magento offers a huge feature list out of the box. This is great for clients because they can have lots of functionality without the need to for bespoke code. Unfortunately Magentos search is one of the features that isn’t great. The results it returns are poor to say the least! We understand that for most eCommerce websites search is very important so we wanted to find an alternative solutions that provide better results and filtering. We had previously used Solr on websites including National Stem Centre that heavily rely on search. With our previous knowledge of Solr we were confident this was a good solution to use. We implemented Solr search on Brand Outlet providing not only great search results but also considerably improving the page load speed when compared to Magento’s default search.


We discussed with Brand Outlet improving their checkout process. We wanted to create a distraction free checkout process that allows customers to quickly fill out their information, leaving them with a warm happy feeling, excited to receive their new clothes! One step checkout provides a simpler interface for filling out information. There is no hidden information or need to click ‘next’ across 5 tabs before completing the checkout process. Our front end team worked with developers to create a responsive version that works on all devices and screen sizes.


Fashion requires a visual browsing experience so created a clean, monochrome interface to focus people attention on the products. We introduced multiple image views on the listing pages so people can roll over products to view different angles. Once interested, if they click to the detail page they can see large images with the option to zoom so they can see the quality of the products on sale. We also implemented responsive image banners so depending on the aspect ratio and screen size you receive an optimised banners. A mobile device would receive a banner optimised for portrait viewing while desktops would receive a larger landscape one.

Brand Outlet use Brightpearl to manage their products so integration with this was important. We offer a seamless integration process so there is no need for their fulfilment team to worry about managing two separate pieces of software ensuring they can adhere to their same day dispatch promise.

With continuous meetings between Brand Outlet, project managers, designers and developers we were able to work as a team to create a responsive Magento eCommerce website with a bespoke web design that we all love.

Visit on the nearest device to see for yourself! You never know, you might see something that takes your fancy.