According to SagePay 28% of Magento eCommerce transactions are abandoned on the payment page. This is mainly due to not offering the customers preferred method of payment.

When choosing your payment gateway make sure to select as many payment options as possible to help reduce the dropout rate from your eCommerce payment page.

Payment methods we recommend including are:

  • Visa
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • PayPal


Remember to consider these payment methods may vary based on the region you are selling to. Make sure to research the regions you have a presence in to ensure there are no additional methods expected at a payment page.

Keeping your payment gateway on-brand will also help reduce your dropout rates. When users are taken to a payment page it is often on another website domain with different styles to your main website. This could make some users wary of finishing the checkout process in fear of being conned. At iWeb we embed and style our payment gateways into the eCommerce checkout process for a seamless experience.


Consider purchasing an SSL (secure sockets layer) certificate for your website. While these are not legally necessary, they add the secure padlock sign to the address bar of your browsers. This will help users feel safe at every stage of the checkout process.

Making the checkout process as easy and as comfortable as possible will help reduce dropouts on the payment page.