For the majority of Magento eCommerce websites product information will include a textual description, maybe a specification chart and a few images but have you ever considered utilising videos?

When selling a product online we must consider the different learning styles people have and the environment they are consuming the content. On the web we’re able to focus on two learning styles – verbal and visual. Verbal involves using words including text and speech while visual involves using images and video. When creating your product information we need to try and cover both these styles to ensure we receive the highest possible user engagement. For most consumer based Magento eCommerce websites people will be browsing in their free time, maybe on a tablet while in-front of the TV. This means that people are shopping while relaxing so maybe looking for a more casual way to consume information. Videos are a great way to fulfil this need.

Your first thoughts might be video costs a lot of money. You could go all out and spend a small fortune to have professional videos created but you don’t have to. You can also create them yourself with as little as a basic DSLR camera, a tripod, a room with good natural light and a directional mic (to reduce any background noise). Here are a few cost effective ways to use videos to promote your products on your website and across the web.

Short and snappy product tours

Instagram and Vine are popular image and video social networks with huge audiences. They both allow you to upload very short videos, up to 6 seconds, which doesn’t sound like much. However, you can be quite creative within these constraints and create some interesting and engaging that promotes your product. These services could even be used as an advertisement banner. Here is a great example showing a pair of trainers.

Both these services lend themselves well to a younger audience, particularly fashion orientated websites where you’re demonstrating a product without the need to get across lots of technical information. For product videos requiring more information or audio you may find long-form videos more useful.

Long-form reviews

These can be quite time consuming to create but if people are really interested in a product they will appreciate the effort and detail you go into. Long-form videos lend themselves well to products that are complicated, with lots of technical information. It is not unusual for these types of video to last 10, 20 or even 30 minutes. These videos are ideal if you’ve had plenty of experience with the product. They require lots of detailed information and the with the addition of personal experience and opinions, make for very engaging content. Because these videos are very time consuming you should focus on popular products or ones where you are trying to explain complicated technical features that might be difficult to explain without demonstrating.

Comparison videos

Product videos don’t necessarily have to cover just one product. You can combine a range of products from your eCommerce website to compare the advantages and disadvantage of each. These videos are very popular on hosted video services such as YouTube where people often search. YouTube videos are also listed on Google searches. Good examples of these would be digital cameras, speakers or satellite navigation systems where there is a wide selection of makes/models each with their own set of specifications which customers might find confusing. Remember these videos don’t need to have a winner. Often the best product for one person isn’t the same as another, it all depends on their needs. You should simply compare the features of each product so people can make their own informed decision.

Manufacturer product videos and adverts

Larger manufacturers and brands often create their own video content to promote their products. These can have a very high production value so it is definitely worth utilising. If you’re lucky enough to stock products where you have access to videos like this you should definitely consider adding them.


Although people don’t like to admit it, most have seen an unboxing video on YouTube. They are incredibly popular, not for just recently released products but any aged product. We all like opening new things and apparently we also like watching others do it too. This is a reasonably inexpensive way to promote your products. It doesn’t have to be in a studio or even using an expensive camera, just as long as the camera is steady and the audio is decent. Plus it gives you a chance to unwrap some shiny new things yourself!

How-to and Tips & Tricks

How-to/tips & tricks videos are popular formats which can help your business in more ways than one. People love genuine videos that help them learn about their purchases. If people learn new things about their purchase it will give them a little warm buzz inside. At some level, those warm feelings are associated with your website/brand, increasing the likelihood they’ll return for future purchases. How-to videos can also reduce the number of support requests you receive.

User submitted video reviews

Most laptops and computers now have built-in cameras so why not try and encourage user generated video reviews. You’ll probably need a decent amount of traffic with loyal customers for this to be successful. Something Amazon have implemented with great success. Offering incentives to people such as discount codes or vouchers can help encourage people to spend the time creating them. People love to watch their peers review a product they are interested in. Customer contributed video generally holds more weight, they give the viewer confidence that the overall impression is unbiased.

Share your content

Remember that creating video content is only one part of promoting your products. You need to make sure people see them. Add them to your product detail pages, blog and post on social networks such as Twitter and Facebook. Consider hosting all your videos on YouTube or Vimeo. Not only will this help reduce your hosting costs, with little effort, you’re also ensuring they work across all devices including tablets and mobile phones. You’ll also be listed on their search pages along with Google’s video tab over time, increasing exposure. In the video description, consider not only linking back to your product page, but also linking to your other social channels for those casually browsing.

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