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Use your 404 page for charity

Every so often we have the misfortune of stumbling across a 404 pages. 404 pages appear when an incorrect web address has been entered or the page no longer exists.

A lot of websites try to spice up their 404 pages with cute graphics and messages. These are often entertaining or amusing. The idea is to soften the blow, to break the news lightly, the information the user requested no longer exists.

Recently Phil, one of our WordPress developers, found a 404 page that was utilising the space for charity. It included a widget showing missing persons from the country the visitor was browsing from. After a little digging we found the service notfound.org.

The premise of the service is simple. By installing a small piece of code on your 404 page it will display information on missing persons.

Any website can install the application but the service only shows missing persons from a limited selection of countries. These include Belgium, Cyprus, France, Greece, Italy, Spain and the UK. The US and Canada are scheduled to follow at a later date.

So why not put your 404 pages to good use? Find out more information at notfound.org or follow them @notfoundorg.

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