Earlier this week our Managing Director, Nick Pinson, was featured on My Customer for his Christmas eCommerce checklist.

With Christmas being one of the most lucrative seasons for online shopping it is critical to implement the right marketing strategy.

Mobile shopping is increasing every year at drastic rates with sales growing by 19.2% on hand held devices.

With nearly 20 years experience working with leading online retailers we have gained an insight into what makes a successful eCommerce website.

For a successful Christmas period online you must utilise as many different technologies and services as possible. This includes:

  1. Using email campaigns
  2. Utilising social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  3. Ensuring your website is festive and promotional banners are up-to-date
  4. Make sure you have a fast and optimised mobile experience
  5. Using remarking software to email people who didn’t complete the checkout process
  6. Promote complementary products on the shopping basket that people may also like
  7. Provide clear delivery information
  8. Offer as many payment methods as possible such as Paypal and American Express
  9. Make sure products are in stock
  10. Reward customers for repeat business during January and February, months renowned for slow sales

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