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Changes to how iWeb Hosting communicates

On 10th December 2014, our infrastructure in our Manchester data centre suffered a partial outage which affected our customers’ service in various ways and which was not communicated clearly.

Our operations team did not update the status page or @iweb_updates Twitter feed immediately, and were taken up with fielding customer calls during the issues. This lead to incorrect information being given to customers, and reduced the number of people working on finding and fixing the problem.

So, we’re going to change our process.

The go-to place for announcements of scheduled or unscheduled maintenance will be the iWeb Status page, which is hosted off-site and should always be available. This will reflect the contents of our @iweb_updates Twitter feed.

This feed will always announce our scheduled maintenance, even when no customer impact is expected. A longer and more detailed explanation than can fit into a tweet will be linked to from the feed, where that’s appropriate.

We are also making changes to how phone calls are handled in these kinds of situations. Our operations people will not take calls from customers while still working to resolve a problem, though you will still be able to ring up and talk to someone.

This means you may have to wait for a call back if you contact us, but that your problems will be fixed sooner and that when we are delivering our post-mortem information, that it will be more accurate.

We hope that this change will improve things for all of our customers and will strive to continually improve our processes in the future.

Yours sincerely,

Aaron Brady

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