2014 was the most successful year for eCommerce ever. This year is set to break records again. The web is continuously changing, here are our predictions for 2015.

This post is featured on Byte Start, written by our Managing Director, Nick Pinson.

1. The year for mobile

The introduction of smart phones has meant shopping on small devices has increased exponentially. Global eCommerce sales from mobile devices is set to reach $120 billion. Google forecast that 50% of all sales and enquiries will be made from a smartphone this Christmas.

Having an optimised website for these devices has never been more important. Responsive web design is the only single solution for providing an optimised experience on all devices.

2. Social media engagement

If your eCommerce business isn’t already active on social media you’re missing out! Facebook now receives over 1.3 billion unique views a month. Your business has a big opportunity to target specific niches that may be interested in your products.

Review sites such as Trustpilot have been instrumental in changing the way people shop online. 62% of people are more likely to buy from a company after seeing positive reviews. Trust has never been more important.

Promoting your business across social networks and review websites is key for a successful 2015.

3. Find your audience

It has never been easier to target groups of people. Social networks such as Facebook and Twitter allow advertisers to promote to audiences. You can target ads based on interests, age, gender and a limitless number of other categories.

Remarketing is advertising to those who didn’t complete the checkout process. You can advertise on other websites they visit as well as using follow up emails.

4. Deliver on-time

On-time deliveries are important. The introduction of next day and guaranteed delivery has increased customer expectations of online shopping.

The success of Amazon Prime and ASOS Premium demonstrates the importance customers place on fast, reliable deliveries.

Customers in 2015 will not expect to pay anything for standard shipping. Free delivery has become an expectation for customers when ordering online.

Remember that returns policies can be just as important as deliveries. Offering a fair returns policy may attract people to your website. A good returns policy will boost customer confidence in your company.

5. Wearable tech

The wearable tech market has arrived. From the numerous number of Android watches already sold and the Apple watches launching next year. Wearable tech isn’t limited to watches either. We will start to see wristbands, clothes and many other smart devices that people wear.

We are still unsure how this will affect eCommerce businesses but it is something we need to keep an eye on. From using them to pay for items in stores, to shopping on eCommerce websites, the uses for these devices could be limitless.

Predicting future trends is tricky but there are a few things we can be certain of. Shopping on the internet will hit all time high records next year. The numbers using mobiles will also surge. Providing good customer service and speedy delivery has never been more important. Engaging with customers is key for creating relationships and future sales.

Staying ahead of the trend and preparing for any eventuality is important for a successful 2015.

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