Dynamic Music is a brand new website dedicated to creating cutting edge and innovative music for the film and TV industry.

All tracks are free to download in MP3 format. There is also a higher quality 24-bit WAV available for free by simply registering to the website.

The bespoke web design helps guide you through the browsing process with the ability to filter music by genre, mood, instrument and categories. Once you’ve found a track that takes your interest, you can preview it using the tablet ready, persistent audio player. The website utilises AJAX technology so browsing around the website doesn’t require your page to refresh. This allows the player to continue previewing a song while you carry on browsing the website. The site is optimised for both tablet and desktop devices using all of the major browsers.


The search functionality on the website uses Elasticsearch, a NoSQL query search meaning it is super fast. In combination with the AJAX only loading in new information to the page the site is optimised to be as fast as possible.

Dynamic Music hope to go from strength to strength and continue to develop their website into a leading location for high quality audio that is at the forefront of the industry.

[quote person=”Dave Felton” position=”Owner” image=”https://www.iweb.co.uk/wp-content/themes/iweb/build/img/testimonials/sample-magic.jpg”]iWeb have delivered three websites to my various companies to date, all of which have been delivered in a highly professional manner, on time and within budget. I can’t fault their service, knowledge or level of insight into the various technologies that deliver excellent service to our customers.[/quote]