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Talks from Aaron & Dave at Staffs Web Meetup

In November two of our team, Aaron & Dave, spoke at Staffs Web Meetup, a local web meetup group sponsored by iWeb. The event hosted a range of lightning talks on various sectors of our industry.

Constant Terror: Security and protection on the Internet

Aaron is part of our dev operations team. He helps manage our network of over 400 servers, ensuring all the companies we work with have reliable websites.

He spoke at the meetup about security, something we take seriously at iWeb. In his talk he goes into detail the number of monitoring systems we have implemented to detect and prevent attacks. Aaron discusses the number of requests we receive each day from harmful sources and how we deal with them.

What is BEM?

Dave is part of our design and frontend team. He focuses on creating great responsive user experiences. Working along side other team members he designs and codes the interfaces that make our sites easy to use and attractive to the eye.

His talk was about the naming conventions we have adopted when coding the frontend (HTML and CSS) of a website. BEM is a relatively new convention which was created by Yandex, a search engine which is popular in Russia.

The idea behind BEM is to create manageable code that any team member can understand and work on. In combination with a CSS pre-processor such as SASS or LESS it creates an incredibly powerful and organised code base that can be used across several projects.

Both talks were received well, with many thanking iWeb for being so open in sharing knowledge.

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