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Responsive battery lookup for Yuasa

Yuasa’s battery lookup has been a massive success, increasing sales and becoming an industry leader. The launch of the new and battery lookup widget furthers their position as an online industry leader.

Their new battery lookup widget allows dealers and stockists to integrate the vehicle registration look-up technology straight into their own website. The widget is fully responsive, allowing it to be placed anywhere and at any size, the content adapts to best suit the space available. The ability to customise the look and features on a per-site basis means Yuasa can create a tailor-made solution for each of their stockists. Results of each battery lookup link directly to the products on the stockists website to create a seamless experience for the user.

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Harnessing the feature-rich and powerful search of Magento, our eCommerce solution of choice, means the lookup is fast, stable and secure. All data is stored in one location ( ensuring consistency, up-to-date information and easy management of information across all the Yuasa websites, dealers and stockists. The battery lookup integrates with 10 different data providers in the automotive industry to provide accurate and detailed information.

I think I would have been extremely lucky to find a web developers that would have been capable of delivering what iWeb have delivered… it really has transformed our business.

James Hylton

Sales & Marketing Manager at Yuasa Battery Sales (UK) Ltd

We continue to work closely with Yuasa to remain at the forefront of battery lookup technology, ensuring they remain the industry leader in this field.

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