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Google sends warning to website owners without mobile friendly content

If you’re website isn’t mobile friendly, you can probably expect an email from Google. The email outlines pages on your website that are not mobile friendly. Google states these pages have critical mobile usability errors.

Google have now implemented mobile friendly labels to their search results. If a user searches on a mobile device these labels will indicate websites that are optimised for their device.


From 21st April Google will be going one step further. Websites with mobile optimised content will benefit from improved rankings. This means that if your site has a mobile friendly design or is responsive it will rank higher on mobile searches.

Responsive web design: Serves the same HTML code on the same URL regardless of the users’ device (desktop, tablet, mobile, non-visual browser), but can render the display differently (i.e., “respond”) based on the screen size. Responsive design is Google’s recommended design pattern.


Google have been encouraging website owners to build responsive website. Google states that responsive web design is their preferred method to build websites.

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