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Should you build a Magento store in 1.9.1 right now – or wait for 2.0?

The Magento team are hard at work readying Magento 2 for a Q4 2015 release. So if you’re planning on launching a new store in the coming months should you bide your time and wait till version 2 is out? Or press ahead and develop with the current 1.9.1 release.

Benefits of using 1.9.1 now

Drawbacks of using 1.9.1 now

Benefits of waiting for 2.0

Drawbacks of waiting for 2.0


Magento 1.x is not going anywhere for a good few years; Magento themselves, extension developers and the wider magento community are going to be supporting it for the next few years. Magento 2 is shaping up to be a very exciting platform; although like with all new things there are going to be some teething issues to contend with when it gets released. I personally think it will be a year or so until the initial teething issues are ironed out; and even then there is going to be a big plugin gap to contend with.

If you’re going to undertake a small to medium sized project – building in 1.9.1 right now should be a no brainer… if you’re looking for a larger Magento store that is going to take over a year to complete then I would seriously weigh up the benefits and drawbacks listed above before pressing ahead.

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