I was recently asked to present a short talk at this years WordCamp London. I graciously accepted. Then came the sudden realisation of creating a title, description and author bio that would attract people to come and see me.

I organise, along with Phil Wylie and Natasha Allsopp, Staffs Web Meetup. I have presented talks before but never gave the title or description any further thought than a literal description of what it was about.

I generally have a good idea what I’m going to talk about. I even have most the slides and content planned in my head. A title, description and bio should provide a true reflection what the talk will be like, while creating curiosity for people to attend.

Here are some tips for writing a great title, intriguing description and interesting bio.

1. It’s not about you

When you visit a conference you will make decisions about which talks to visit based on their titles and descriptions. Don’t talk about yourself. Write about the value someone will get from attending your session.

2. Show value

People attend sessions to gain personal value from them. This is often educational value at a web conference but could be entertainment too. Think what’s important to your audience and make sure you cater for them. Clearly state in your description the value of your talk.

3. Create curiosity

Provide enough information to attract someone to attend your talk without giving everything away. Creating curiosity will encourage people to come along.

4. Set the tone

Let people know what you’re like as a speaker. Will you joke around? Create a conversation? A serious business talk?

Ensure all the information about your talk reflects what your session will be like. People are attending your talk because of your title and description. Ensure you meet these expectations. Selling your talk as something else will only leave a sour taste.

5. Why are you the person to present this?

Bio’s are hard to write. Portray curiosity, enthusiasm and experience. Your biography is an opportunity to explain why you wish to present this talk and your experience to back it up. Your bio is all about reassuring someone that you will be interesting, engaging and worth their valuable time.

If you have anymore tips or suggestions let us know!