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Making Magento Google Friendly

Google’s new mobile friendly search ranking algorithm is great news for mobile users. It means users will receive an optimised experience when browsing the internet on any device. It encourages websites to stay up-to-date and accessible to everyone.

Google recommends responsive web design as it’s preferred configuration. This is means that regardless of which device the user is viewing your website, they receive the same HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This reduces duplicate content and helps improve your website rankings.

Sounds simple? Even with responsive web design your website may still fail Google’s mobile friendly tests. Google requires you to make all assets including images, CSS and JavaScript accessible to its robots. By default Magento does not allow this.

To allow Google to be able to scan all assets from your Magento website you will need modify your robots.txt file. A robots.txt file tells search engines what they can and can’t scan.

The robots.txt file can normally be found in the root of your website. To allow Google to access all the assets on your Magento website simply remove the following lines:

Google have provided a tool to test your websites:

For more information about the changes to the Google algorithm you can visit this link:

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