Birchwood Price Tools’ latest brand, Punk Power, have launched their new website, on a Magento responsive web design platform.

Punk has been developed to stand the toughest demands. With a range of over 400 high impact resistant products, Punk has been designed to perform to the highest demands of any tradesman.

Working closely with their design and marketing team we took their ideas to create a visually bold and unique website that matches the brand’s quirky style. The design features an animated GIF (yes they’re back!) of slow motion rotating drills and cutters. The bold and contrasting using of yellow, pink and blue fits their brand perfectly.

[quote person=”Chris Mellor-Dolman” position=”Head of Marketing, Birchwood Price Tools” image=””]We’ve been using iWeb since 2003 so they’ve been our partner now for the last 10 years. In all honestly we’ve not been able to find a better digital partner. They’ve delivered, they are a talented team and they’ve grown inline with our expectations.[/quote]

Punk is a catalog driven website built in Magento. It allows people to browse or search through the entire catalog of products. There is an advanced dealer finder to allow people to finder their closest stockist. Their dealer locator is used across several Birchwood Price Tools websites with a custom theme on each. Searching hundreds of locations using a third party API integration.


Visit their new site on mobile, tablet or desktop at