Based in Vancouver, Quantum Music Works license a hand curated collection of emerging composers and independent artists. They sell music licenses to their ever growing audience of filmmakers, videographers, photographer, producer, ad agency, music supervisor or other creative professional.


Quantum Music Works approached us to redesign their website. Previously running on a bespoke platform we proposed moving to the Magento eCommerce platform. By moving across they gain a wealth of features out-the-box plus a much more secure and flexible code base.

Working closely with the client we formed detailed wireframes and prototypes to make sure the flow of the website was intuitive and easy for customers to use. Throughout the entire design process we adhered to the philosophy that layout is content-driven and styles are brand-driven.


Once we had created all the layouts for the website we moved onto styling them so they were on brand. Using the wireframes we audited the layouts to create an exhausted list of elements across the website. Pattern libraries are a collection of common elements used on a website. By designing in this way we are able to create very flexible and reusable elements, allowing us to quickly create new pages and designs without bloating the code and ensuring the website is as fast as possible.

[quote person=”Julie Begg” position=”Owner”]Fantastic Guidance and Outstanding Customer Support. After several bad experiences with web developers, it was a HUGE relief to find iWeb and have their team take care of our company website, from inception to completion. They are genuine, helpful, reliable, great problem solvers and infinitely patient. Highly recommended![/quote]


We wrote an in-depth article on Web Designer Depot about our design process for this project for building a highly customised eCommerce interface.

The entire website uses AJAX technologies so customers can browse around the website and enjoy an uninterrupted listening experience. Perfect to find and queue up tracks they’re interested in listening to.

The music licensing options were very complicated so we worked with the client to create a clean and simple process to help customers choose the correct one. Once the customer has selected a track they wish to license, they are asked a number of guiding questions. Based on the answers of those questions we can recommend the correct license for the persons usage.