Attack Magazine is a leading online publication for music production specialists. Launched back in 2012, Attack Magazine has seen massive growth, with roughly 20k registered users and serving hundreds of thousands of page views a month. The site was relaunched recently with a major overhaul in both look and feel and new functionality.

The way people browse the web has changed dramatically over the years. Tablet and smartphone views now account for a good portion of web traffic. Attack Magazine needed a modern, responsive website design to provide a great user experience across a broad range of devices and screen sizes.

Attack Sounds is a new sample subscription service featuring 500,000+ sounds from some of the world’s leading sample labels. Customers pay a monthly subscription fee and receive credits to download royalty-free loops, samples, synth presets, MIDI files and more.

A modern, responsive design

Attack Magazine has a distinctive, bold brand. The new design makes extensive use of imagery. Article listing pages make use of a unique grid system, with both thin and wide articles. The Attack Magazine editor’s have control over how each article is presented.

iWeb built a number of bespoke WordPress shortcodes including a slideshow, rating block and audio player. These bespoke elements combined with the built-in WordPress media embedding options, allow Attack Magazine editor’s to build up rich, visual articles.

The redesigned website uses a number of modern front end technologies to improve the development workflow.

By using a task runner called Gulp, we’re able to automate a number of front end optimisation tasks. The website’s styling, front end scripts and images are all optimised for production, resulting in faster development and a speed boost in front end website performance.

One of the most important assets that build up a website is the CSS. CSS is code which defines the look and feel. Traditionally, a website would have a single CSS file which defines all the styling on a website. However, this file is generally fairly large and can become difficult to maintain. Using Gulp, we’re able to split out our CSS into a number of modularised SASS files. This clean styling structure is both easier to work with and importantly, maintain. Gulp automatically compiles our SASS files, combines the result and compresses the final CSS file.

A new subscription sample service

Attack Sounds Membership Page

Up to this point, Attack Magazine generated funds through advertising and category sponsorship. Attack Sounds introduces a new element to the site which is well suited to Attack Magazine’s established audience of music producers.

Attack Sounds is a monthly subscription service, built upon WooCommerce and the WooCommerce Subscriptions extension. This powerful combination allows Attack Sounds to take recurring payments.

iWeb built a bespoke credits system which hooks into WooCommerce Subscriptions allowing customers to receive a variable number of credits each month, based on their membership level. We extended WooCommerce to allow products to be assigned a credit value, allowing Attack Sounds members to exchange credits for music samples.

Attack Sounds launched with samples from 10 labels, totalling 500,000+ individual samples. iWeb built out a custom data storage platform to meet the storage requirements of the downloadable samples.

The beauty of WordPress and well written plugins such as WooCommerce is their extensibility through a system of actions and filters. We were able to hook in and extend the default functionality to build out something which appears completely bespoke.

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