Isn’t your Magento store homepage great? It’s the front line of your online attack and I bet you love it (if not, you should probably do something about it).

But do you love it enough to have it on your site twice?

By default, your Magento homepage will not only show when you go to the root of your stores domain name, e.g., but it also shows when you go to /home, e.g.

All of a sudden you’re seeing double! Search engines, such as Google, penalise websites which contain duplicate content as it can be seen as a way of gaming the system. And we all know how touchy Google can be.

If not handled correctly this sneaky URL will be indexed and cause duplicate content issues between itself and your real homepage. *Play Dramatic Music*

How To Resolve The Home Duplicate Content Issue In Magento

Never fear! I’ll show you how to protect your position in the search rankings with a very easy and quick fix that can be applied from within the Magento admin panel.

Using the top navigation, go to Catalog > URL Rewrite Management

URL Rewrite

In the top right, click the Add URL Rewrite button.


Use the dropdown on the next page to select Create URL Rewrite: Custom.


The page will then refresh and you will be presented with the URL Rewrite Information options, enter the following:

Type: Custom

Store: Select Your Store*

ID Path: home

Request Path: /home

Target Path: ../

Redirect: Permanent (301)

Description: This is only for your reference & can be anything or just blank.

*If you have multiple store views you will need to do these steps for each one.


Click Save in the top right and you are done! Go to your stores URL followed by /home and make sure it now redirects you to the root.

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