MyMemory are one of iWeb’s long standing clients. We’ve been working with them for over a decade and have helped them grow their online business.

Today, just selling on your own store is not enough and it has become increasingly important to sell your products on the variety of marketplaces around the world. Marketplaces are the fastest growing sector in the eCommerce industry. Building traffic to your website can be difficult. With giants such as Amazon, eBay and Rakuten you can tap into a captive audience of millions of consumers immediately.

Volo is a multichannel sales platform designed to centralise online sales and fulfilment processing. Volo helps simplify and automate common tasks and procedures. It achieves this through a fully featured platform boasting a wide variety of integrations.

Volo was first created to integrate with eBay and sync your products automatically. They have an expert knowledge of eBay. They also know Amazon and Rakuten, with a team of people specifically trained to manage them.

One useful feature Volo includes is the ability to adapt pricing. Most websites allocate the buy button to the cheapest seller. Volo can automatically adjust the price (within a set range) to ensure that your company is first choice for consumers.


Why move to Volo

Moving to Volo was not a simple task but had several advantages over MyMemory’s previous setup.

Up until the move, the website managed every aspect of the integration with third party channels such as eBay, Amazon and Rakuten. This meant a large amount of resource (both on servers and in developer time) was allocated to the day-to-day running.

Moving to Volo has reduced the website overhead and increased the developer resource available. This has enabled us to start working with the client on new features to help improve their conversion rates such as full A/B testing.

Volo has created a centralised platform for managing products. It automatically sends products to third party channels and the main MyMemory website. This means that when new products become available they only need to be added to one system and Volo will handle the distribution.

There are hundreds of channels that occupy the eCommerce space including aggregators, affiliates, marketplaces and price comparison sites. Keeping on top of these is time consuming and costly. Volo gives you the ability to quickly add new channels to sell your products to as many different markets as possible.

For more information on Volo integrations you can visit their website or contact us.