Brightpearl recently announced the launch of the next generation of their Magento Connector. The announcement landed in our inboxes to much excitement. Why? We’ll tell you.

The Brightpearl Magento Connector

As a Magento eCommerce Agency, we use Brightpearl to help customers such as Brand Outlet eliminate double selling and stock-outs thanks to it’s ability to automatically update inventory levels and reorder status across all of their sales channels. It’s a winning combination.

And things just got even better. So, what’s changed?

1. Magento extension

Rather than being a separate piece of software, the new Connector is now a Magento extension that sits inside your Magento store and manages requests from there. This gives more control over exactly how and when Brightpearl pushes updates to Magento so performance is not negatively impacted in times of high demand (hello Christmas Shopping season).

2. Enhanced capabilities

Brightpearl have introduced a raft of new features designed to increase efficiency and save time:

  • caters for multi-stores
  • automatic update of inventory & prices
  • instant order download
  • flexible shipping options
  • payment method mapping
  • controlled event management
  • tailor pricing by storefront & customer

3. Magento 2

The Connector extension for Magento 2 is currently in development with a target release date of March 2017.

Sounds good. Where can I find out more?

Brightpearl have recorded this handy webinar which includes a live product demo. That’s a good starting point.

If you’d like to discover more about Brightpearl and the Magento Connector and how it could help your business, drop us a line.