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From Undergrad to Intern: 3 Weeks In

After graduating from The University of Sheffield with a BA in English Literature in the summer of 2016, via Unitemps I managed to land on my feet by securing a three month Digital Marketing internship at iWeb.

Digital Marketing Internship with Unitemps | iWeb

With the website detailing ‘spacious, open-plan, modern offices’ and a ‘relaxed’ vibe, on my first day I was surprised to find they weren’t joking. With MD Nick having shown me the ropes, I sat at my new desk, with my new pens, post-its – oh and a brand new Macbook, feeling like the cat that got the cream.

SSL certificates for eCommerce: Are You Ready?

Then the work started, which turns out is a delight! From essay assignments to writing article content for clients, from module seminars to contributing in client meetings, in this role I get to use the skills I acquired at University every day, so I feel pretty lucky to work for iWeb.

I’ve written some articles I’m pretty proud of too. Articles with a large and varying subject range, I’ve talked about spotting fake online reviews to the history of street furniture, no day is the same in this job! Having my first post on the iWeb blog – SSL Certificates for eCommerce – has been really nice too.

I feel like I’ve already learnt a lot, understanding what constitutes an ‘illegal brew’ is one thing. Another has been learning more about digital marketing, eCommerce and as a consequence getting my Google Digital Garage certification. That was pretty satisfying, but ultimately it’s been crucial in helping me give 100% to the job.

Accompanying Joe, iWeb’s Digital Marketing Manager, to the 6 weekly client meeting was another highlight, if not a little daunting.

As well as this, a special mention has to go to the belated iWeb ‘Christmas’ meal at The Wayfarer in Stone which was a great opportunity to meet the team in a more informal setting and a good name refresher exercise for me!

However, there still a lot of learning to do. But if there’s anywhere I can do it – it’s iWeb!

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