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Maximise Your Social Networks With Magento Social

Roll up, Roll up! Magento Social is here – and we think it looks pretty great! Developed as a marketing tool to ‘monetize your social networks’, this brand new extension tool is available exclusively on Magento 2. But how does it work, I hear you ask.

What is Magento Social?

It all starts with an extension…

The Magento Social extension uses the integrator, Shopial, which acts as a gateway between your social page and your website, where you feature and sell all your products. Shopial can be used in conjunction with all the major selling platforms such as eBay, Etsy, Wix, GoDaddy, and more.

As a tool, it enables you to showcase and integrate your Magento store with the world’s biggest social networks and drive more traffic to your site. It’s a great way to boost sales and win more exposure for your business.

How to Link Your Facebook Page With Magento Social

Before you can install the Facebook Store extension, you first need a free Facebook account and a Facebook Business page.

After installing the Magento Social extension: go to your Magento 2 backend and a new will appear in the  “Marketing” menu of the Magento Admin Panel that reads “Connect to Facebook” After clicking on the button you will be guided through two steps:

1) Connect Magento to Facebook

2) Setup your Facebook store

Maximise your social networks with Magento Social

Maximise your social networks with Magento Social

Facebook Ads

Maximise your social networks with Magento Social

Creating Effective Facebook Ads

Maximise your social networks with Magento Social

Control Centre

Ad management is where it’s at! In the control centre section, you can see your ads status.

When creating an ad, it first needs to be reviewed by Facebook (Pending). This usually takes a few minutes and after that, the ad will be active. You can review which ad is the most successful, pause or delete ads you don’t like.

Why Shopial Ads Are More Effective

Magento reckons that Shopial is more effective than native Facebook ads alone, for the same amount of money, ”the app will generate more clicks and impressions”, and the stats don’t lie:

Maximise your social networks with Magento Social

Maximise your social networks with Magento Social

To advertise your products on Facebook in 1-click:

Sell globally

The new Magento Social extension is a good way to get the most of our your social networks. However, the extension connects Magento 2 stores with Facebook only. Yet, with this in mind, the appearance of new social opportunities seems only to be a matter of time!

If you need help setting up Magento Social, then iWeb can help – get in touch

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