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MyMemory Migrate to Magento

MyMemory have been a client of ours for just over 12 years, so it’s fair to say it’s been a long and involved partnership! Now we’re here, celebrating the launch of their brand new Magento site and everything that this entails for MyMemory moving forward.

Facing Facts

Initially, when MyMemory came on board back in 2004, we developed a bespoke PHP based website and this has been powering their business ever since – with several redesigns over the years.

While it’s served them for the best part, it’s started to show its age over the last few years. The design wasn’t responsive and adding 3rd party services and features meant custom development, which wasn’t always cost effective for them.

In steps Magento! This platform now gives them all the eCommerce horsepower they need, plus the flexibility of the Magento ecosystem. So it’s a win-win for our client as well as MyMemory customers.

(L-R: Karl – Founder, MyMemory; Nick – MD, iWeb; Neil – Technical Director, iWeb; Ben – Marketing Director, MyMemory enjoying a trip to Las Vegas for Magento Imagine 2017!

Key Features

Responsive Design

A crucial aspect for MyMemory going forward, in the age of the smartphone and tablet, was a responsive website. It was important that site browsing was seamlessly accessible on every platform, not just the desktop. Here it is, fully optimised!

Bespoke Device Detection

We integrated device detection on the site and it’s a wonderful feature. In a nutshell, device detection is when the web server hosting a site executes code to determine what type of device is hitting the website.

So, when a customer visits the MyMemory site from a certain device, e.g a Samsung Galaxy S6, it will recommend products and accessories that are relevant to that device. Not only does it reduce the burden on the user’s device, but it helps take the stress out of shopping.

VOLO ERP Integration

Up next is Volo, a multichannel sales platform designed to centralise online sales and fulfilment processing. Working as a centralised stock hub for MyMemory, it controls customer purchases and stock that has been sent to external sellers such as eBay and Amazon. It really is at the heart of their business!


For all MyMemory marketing needs, we introduced MailChimp, the world’s largest marketing automation platform. MyMemory wanted to integrate this into their site to help them improve their customer shopping experience and generate more revenue.

Once we connected their eCommerce store with MailChimp, they had access to:

Automated Follow-Ups

This can help with tracking abandoned basket rates. The abandoned basket workflows make it easy for MyMemory to remind customers what they’ve left behind and encourage them to complete their purchase.

Recommend Products

This feature helps MyMemory understand what their customers are most likely to buy. The automatic, built-in product recommendations help to generate personalised suggestions for customers based on past purchase behaviour.

Windsor Circle Email Automation

This email marketing service takes the guess work out of when replenishment emails should be deployed. It allows MyMemory to automate the task of sending out targeted emails within a specific time-frame and helps them to identify certain types of customer they want or need to target.

For example, Windsor Circle can identify:

The overall aim of these emails is to get in front of the customer before they run out of products or supplies and with Windsor’s predictive data science, it helps retailers understand the individual buying pattern of repeat purchases. With a success rate of 35% for email open rates, it’s sure to aid in turning their shoppers into subscribers.

Algolia Product Search

On the MyMemory homepage, there are two different types of search capability. Featured below, is an advanced search bar that is located at the top of the MyMemory site and takes products directly from Magento. It comes up with more advanced search results and product listings that are more accurate.

The second is a device search bar, a bespoke programme written by iWeb for MyMemory. It utilises device detection to recommend memory and accessories for the device you’re using to access the site.


We’ve already seen an uplift in site speed and performance in the few weeks since launch and with a raft of new features on the future developments roadmap, we’re looking to seeing the site grow from strength to strength.

What MyMemory had to say: 

“We’ve been working with iWeb since 2004 – they truly understand our business, our objectives and have consistently delivered an excellent level of service. When the time came to upgrade and re-launch our website inline with the increasing demands of our customers needs, particularly on mobile, iWeb delivered yet again. The new site offers a much improved user experience, performs great on mobile and most importantly, is starting to deliver more sales.”

Karl Moss – Founder, MyMemory

Interested in learning more about the MyMemory build? Maybe you’re looking for your own Magento site – then get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk.

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