As a Magento eCommerce agency, we’ve built numerous sites in many different languages for a variety of customers across the globe. As a business, we’re always on the lookout for tools that can aid customers with multi-language sites, tools that can help speed up the, often lengthy, translation process.

In step Lingo 24, an international translation agency, who with over 4,000 professional, native-speaking linguists and a bespoke combination of machine and human translation. As a service, they’re known to deliver speed, quality and value for money for their clients, 24/7.

But where’s the connection between Lingo24 and iWeb? Well, not so much a connection, but rather a connector! Recently, we came across their Magento extension, that helps its customers to save on both time and money by simplifying and streamlining the translation process. We were eager to find out more.

Magento Translation

  • The Lingo24 Magento Integration fundamentally simplifies the translation of all different types of content within a Magento store. This includes attributes, blocks, products and pages.
  • It’s simple and streamlined with the entire translation ordering process all within the Magento interface.

This plugin works in a three step process:

  • Select the content for translation, the required languages and submit for quotation from Lingo24
  • Approve the quotation to start the translation
  • Once translation is complete download and import the results into your multi-language stores

What Can The Magento Extension Offer Your Business?

Ease of use

Manage product catalogue updates and other foreign language content with minimal effort.

No set-up or technical costs

Get direct access to our plug-in to begin translating straight away, and only pay for what you translate.

Reduced time to market

Automation of data transfer allows content to be sent back and forth almost instantly.

Generate more international sales

With a smooth localisation process, convert more sales from your foreign language stores.

Simple Pricing

You can see what needs to be translated, what has been translated and approve all costs and timings prior to the commencement of each project.

Consistent, accurate translations at varying service levels

Lingo24 recognize that one size of translation doesn’t fit everybody; your best selling product descriptions are probably with more of a time investment than user-generated reviews.
You may also have requirements for culturally localized marketing material or machine translation for very high quantity translations. Lingo24 will work with you to ensure we thoroughly understand your requirements and expectations from the beginning of the process and provide you with the services you need to meet your goals, timings and budgets.

Magento Plugin: Case Studies

Lingo24 have an extensive track record of delivering high-quality translation services to international companies from a wide range of industry sectors. Here are a few case studies they’ve delivered using that Magento Extension.

1. Daniel Wellington – globally established watch designer

Brief: They were looking for an easy way to go live in 6 countries with supported content

Solution: An integration to Magento was first on the agenda.  Lingo24 deployed a plugin to allow for extensive testing in the demo environments, which allowed them to feel confident enough to start pushing content across live. Now, instead of a translation process that was taking many hours per language to export – was now taking them around 20 minutes for all.

2. Protein World –  world-renowned protein and nutrition brand

Brief: An international footprint to maintain crucial growth in new markets

Solution: Protein World needed their site translating across 3 target languages, so Lingo24 shared access to the plugin and walked them through their offering. They were able to deploy the integration in a couple of hours and testing started that day. 

From content selection to order acceptance, the project took around 8 minutes, taking away all the pain of manually handling content, exporting, mailing them off and waiting for the quote to come back.

Once the translations were complete, a notification was received within Magento. They hit a button and the content came rolling back in – again a pain-free content reception, with the translations now residing within the platform, with no manual effort.

3. Science in Sport – leading sports nutrition company

Brief: To build and roll out 4 new international sites in a 6 week period to meet the agreed go live dates. 

Solution: Lingo24 offered the technology with fit connections to Magento and WordPress and deployed the integration in the test environment, bedding in the process to allow for the full language roll out. Sending content for translation took minutes and when complete, reimporting it was painless and fast. 

We think the Lingo24 Magento extension is a breath of fresh air when it comes to aiding the world of multi-language translation. Speeding up this process will help to save future clients valuable time and money – a huge plus for any eCommerce business!

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