Are you looking to launch a new Magento eCommerce store? If you answered yes, then you’ll probably be looking to locate the right team to guide your business to success. Whether you’re looking to migrate an existing site over to Magento or upgrading it to the latest version, finding the best possible agency for the task is crucial. So, where’s the best place to start?

When you’re searching for an agency to discuss your project with, you’ll notice that not all of them will be accredited Magento partners. But what is a Magento partnership and is there a big difference between an official partnership versus non-partners? These are all valid questions, so let’s take a look at the perks of being involved with a Magento partnership…

Why Choose A Magento Solution Partner?

Let’s take a look at the perks of working with an official Magento Partner:

Quality and Reliability

  • All Magento partners must adhere to a strict quality score based on merchant surveys that cover CSAT and delivery quality.
  • Official Magento partners have achieved partner status based on their ability to execute to Magento’s quality standards. Choosing an official Magento partner means you know what you are getting and have Magento standards behind your investment.
  • Partners don’t gain their Magento accreditation overnight. It takes years of training and hands-on practical experience. Partners are also required to stay active and current, producing new sites regularly each and every year.

Product Training

  • Magento offers intensive product training which includes onsite training, as well as monthly, Aspire training calls for Magento official partners. Magento partners have access to Magento University for training and certification programs.
  • This knowledge is also is passed on to clients, equipping in-house eCommerce teams with the knowledge and confidence to get the most out of their Magento eCommerce store.
  • Partners are required to meet a set number of Magento trained and certified resources in their staff. Members of the program must demonstrate their commitment to Magento and meet the partnership KPIs for their respective level. These include sales, marketing, and technical goals. This ensures up to date Magento knowledge on all levels.

Roadmap Insights

  • Magento partners are invited to access Magento’s strategic thinking. For example, accessing Magento Roadmap, company strategy and other business success stories and case-studies, bringing levels of insight into the Magento platform that other ‘non-Magento’ partners cannot.

Technical Support

  • Magento partners have full access to Magento’s customer support team which means that issues can be resolved quickly and with minimal delay. You can’t go wrong with Magento!


  • Official Magento partners will have software access and access to Magento code, along with early access to new up and coming functionality, such as the B2B, Cloud Sandbox and Bluefoot features.

Business & System Focused

  • Magento partners have a business focus on commerce and systems integration with a special focus on full life cycle implementations vs. outsourcing.

Better Lines Of Communication

  • Magento partners have direct access to a wide range of Magento support services, including product, sales, marketing and customer support teams.
  • This ensures that any problems, queries or updates can be handled quickly and efficiently.

If you’re looking for an official Magento Business partner or for further information on the eCommerce platform, give iWeb a call to discuss how we can help support you.