With a brand new client comes a brand new website. iWeb have recently been working with Rugs of London to take their business online.  From web design to branding to content creation, Rugs of London have now established their online presence with a simplistic yet beautiful website – just what they asked for!

Who Are Rugs of London?

Rugs of London are a leading oriental rug company and manufacturer. They have more than 60 years of experience, spread over two generations. Their goal is to provide the most competitive prices, without compromising on quality.

We deliver first hand from the source, directly to your living rooms.” – Rugs of London

The Authenticity of The Rugs

Rugs of London guarantee that all of their rugs are 100% hand knotted in the origin countries as stated per rug descriptions unless stated. Authenticity certificates are supplied for rugs of above £500 in value and certificates can be ordered for those of less value.

By providing these certificates, Rugs of London grew to be the trusted provider for oriental rugs. It was important for the future of their business that they capitalised on this reputation by launching an eCommerce websites as refined as their rugs.

How iWeb Got Them Online

With more than 20,000 rugs in their London showroom and ongoing production in more than five countries as well as constantly sourcing presence in local markets, it’s fair to say Rugs of London are already a successful business. With an ever growing online customer base, the time had come to capitalise by launching their first eCommerce website every bit as refined as their rugs.


One of the most important aspects of this project was to ensure the well-established branding offline was simulated online. Together, we decided that a brand new logo optimised for online purposes was the first port of call.

New Logo Alert!

The logo was designed with simplicity in mind, to ensure it was clear and relevant to their audience, to let the rugs themselves do the talking. The new logo combines a neutral coloured rug design partnered with clean cut font.

Rugs of London Logo

It was then onto making every element of the new website coincide with the new logo, font and colour scheme. As many businesses who undergo having a new website know, it’s critical to a brand’s success.

Website Features

The Rugs of London site – powered by Magento – takes on a simple yet sophisticated approach in which lets their products do the talking.

Product Imagery

Capturing the beauty and high quality of each and every rug was the most important factor. As Rugs of London produce niche, high-end products, it was vital that customers could appreciate that in the images.

On The Homepage

  • Photos are layered with elegantly styled font in keeping with the theme
  • Images display the rugs in various customer homes
  • Minimal amount of text to lead the focus to the products
  • Page format aligns the content in the centre for a neat-looking style

Rugs of London give customers a real feel of the impact each rug makes in a room, from the simple styled front page.

Website Creation | Rugs of London


Whereas on product pages, the rugs were taken out of their home environments and magnified and shot on a plain background to really capture their unique details. For customers not able to travel to the London showroom and see the rugs first hand, they are able to enjoy same experience from the comfort of their own home.

Mahal Rug | Rugs of London

Due to the bright, bold patterns found in the rug images, the other website design features were stripped back to complement this.  That’s why we chose the gold colour scheme that was simple yet elegant, bringing balance to the website.

Button Design | Rugs of London

Highly Functional Yet Simple Site Structure

To simplify the process of navigating through the site, we kept the site navigation simple to allow customers to focus purely on the products.

With a concise menu structure, website visitors could browse through the individual collections with ease, knowing exactly what kind of rug they were viewing and how they got there.

Menu Structure | Rugs of London


Calls To Action

We have purposefully designed every element of the website to be simple yet sophisticated. Through a subtle gold tone, the buttons added class to customer navigation instead of complicating it.

Each call to action was clearly labelled so users could get from A to B without a struggle. Every button used the same font to make it readable, accessible and bring consistency to each page.

Live Chat

In keeping with their helpful and trusted brand image, Rugs of London wanted to go that one step further. So, they decided on offering live chat to their customers.

Live chat is a great tool to help website visitors communicate with the brand quickly and easily. Instead of having to put in extra effort to look for contact details to phone, email or fill out an online form, customers can have their questions answered with a click of the button ‘Leave a message’.

Live Chat Button | Rugs of London

We also incorporated options to sign in with a Facebook or Gmail account to make it even more convenient. This was for new or returning customers who want an even quicker way to get in touch.

Let’s Recap!

Rugs of London cover most origins and sizes ranging from traditional, Modern, Antiques, Oversize, Runners, Kilims, Aubussons and Tapestries. Getting this big range catering to a relatively large, yet niche audience online was only going to benefit sales.

“Our aim is to supply and to satisfy you by delivering high quality superior rugs directly to you at most competitive prices, both online and offline.” – Rugs of London

With our help, we were able to transform this offline brand to a high end, eCommerce website. Check out our portfolio to see how we have helped transform some of our other clients.

If you would like to get your business online with us, we are always happy to talk!