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The First Ever iWeb Client Day is a Rip-Roaring Success

Over 40 iWeb clients attended our first ever client day last Wednesday to watch presentations from leading industry experts, with talk topics spanning everything from email automation to digital insurance, including industry insights from big-hitters, Dotmailer and Magento. With all the hard work over and the client day a solid success, let’s look at the event highlights.

iWeb Client Day

Aggregation of marginal gains

If you break everything you could think of that goes into riding a bike and then improved it by 1%, you will get a significant increase when you put them all together – Sir Dave Brailsford

The objective of the day was to convey how every area of an eCommerce business can be improved even by the smallest margins and when those margins are added together, they can result in remarkable improvements. Put another way, forget about perfection; focus on progression, and compound the improvements.

Every attendee was sent home with a copy of our brand spanking new ‘eCommerce essentials‘ booklet. From product data to payment methods, personalisation to customer reviews, the booklet includes 100s of actionable insights designed to help drive more value to a business and help maximise sales.

iWeb client day | iWeb

iWeb Client Day Talks

#1 iWeb: SEO for eCommerce 101

iWeb’s own Digital Marketing Manager, Joe Turner was first up with the opening talk of the day. He talked to us about the importance of not neglecting the ‘brilliant basics’ of on-page SEO for eCommerce and other best practice techniques to gain a competitive edge in the search engine rankings.


Talk outline:

#2 Adyen Payments: Using Cross-Border Payments to Drive Business Growth

This talk from Ayden Payments was led by Senior Partnerships Manager Sam Allan. The presentation focused on how businesses can localise their checkout process, with a key emphasis on personalisation and convenience.

Talk outline:

#3 Magento Business Intelligence: The Essential Dashboards of Online Leaders

Despite a last minute change in plans meaning that Anna Edwards, Magento Business Intelligence expert, had to present remotely the audience were given a comprehensive introduction to Magento’s excellent new business intelligence tool and how to use it to drive business with data.

Talk outline:

#4 The Filter: Increasing Customer Lifetime Value

This interesting and innovative talk from Phill Kay, Chief Commercial Officer at The Filter, opened up with a crowd-pleasing pop quiz, aimed at getting us to think about customer lifetime value (CLV) and how we can calculate it.

Talk outline:

#5 AWA Digital: Why 95% of your website visitors don’t buy

Next up was a talk from Conversion Rate Optimisation Agency AWA Digital and their CEO Dan Croxen John. In this presentation, Dan discussed the tried and tested 5-step AWA Conversion System™ and how it’s proven to deliver sales increases.

Talk outline:

#6 Digital Risks & Port: How to prepare and what to expect for the GDPR changes

With cyber attacks an ever-increasing presence in all our lives, Ed Ventham from Digital Risks and Chris Smith from Port joined the client day with the aim of educating businesses owners about the implications of the introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which comes into effect in May 2018.

Talk outline:

#7 DotMailer: Smarter Email Marketing Automation

Email automation platform Dotmailer rocked up to help us with overcoming the big four marketing challenges: data, customer service, budget and automation to help execute the most effective email marketing strategy.

Talk outline:

#8 – Algolia: Creating Great Site Search

Wrapping up the day was from Alex Kudelka from Algolia – who despite braving a long haul flight from Atlanta to the UK using Thomas Cook airlines – did a great job of telling the room the key factors to what makes ‘great search’ and how this positively impacts on customer experience and sales.

Talk Outline:

As you can see, the day not only ended with everyone on a tremendous high but also with an Espresso Martini or two. We’re already looking forward to the next client day!


If you’re interested in finding out more about any of the speakers or content, then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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